My name is Roach, I decided to "Revamp" this wiki as a fellow HL2RPER. I enjoy playing and would like to share my knowledge with the garrysmod community.

Open aura long

OpenAura Banner.

As you can see to the Right ---> There is the OpenAura banner, this is the framework that Half-Life 2 Roleplay is run by. The MYSQL and features like Inventory are all stored in this framework. I love Conna Wiles' framework as it is pure A+ Lua and MYSQL Scripting. He is a genius. (Prepare for OA slander.) However, OpenAura does not come cheap at fifty dollars a Gamemode or two hundred dollars for all of them. Conna is making lots of money, But for all the hard work he has put into OA he deserves it. Conna goes by many different names, like Conna/Kurozael/Kudos. I can't remember any more, as they are the names he is most known by. Anyway, back to the subject. I was disappointed to see that a HL2RP Wiki had nothing on it. I have another wiki, but I decided to take charge of this one since it is using the address I wanted. Another Wiki under the name "Half Life 2 Wiki" seems very popular I want to get this wiki to the same sort of standard. Now a little about me, my name is Alex. I am 15 years of age and have been playing HL2RP for a few years now. I currently run 2 servers, one of which being the communities own OA Gamemode and one being HL2RP as you would of guessed. If you have time check it out the ip I do not have at the moment, but it is called Tetra Gaming Half Life 2 Roleplay, running on the map city 8.Thanks and enjoy the new wiki.

(Spelling errors fixed as of June 1st, 2012.)